My Pocket Empire will make its debut within the Indie Modder’s Guild and ESPA Casual Esports tournaments soon!

Decentralised Wear 2 Earn & Quest 2 Earn Esports Platform.

ESPA is the first decentralised Casual Esports platform for Indie and Modded gaming. Level up from amateur to pro as you take your skins across different games & digital content environments to earn an income stream through $MONA. Casual Esports allows you to play anywhere, anytime without having to conform to excessive rules and schedules. It’s all about freeing Players, Modders, Independent Devs, and Designers to create new livelihoods for themselves no matter where they live. For the first time ever they are able to genuinely monetize without requiring the usual industry-political approval.
ESPA is built different. It is a Web3 metaverse ecosystem between Designers, Developers, Modders, Players and Creators, allowing for each stakeholder to generate a new sustainable livelihood through play. ESPA is here to liberate fashion and gaming through mod culture.
The ESPA Platform allows for Indie Devs and Modders to easily plug in and enable Players to start playing to win, creating a secure livelihood for each other in the process. Every Player is Esports ready. Players no longer have to engage only in strict, time sensitive, one time battles. They can Play anytime, anywhere and start building a record of winning plays. Designers, brands, and creators can engage with and monetise off of this digital ecosystem, maintain streamlined content pipelines and bring forward meaningful, personalised, self-expressive content for all Players and Developers to leverage.
ESPA also operates as a Layer 2 solution and interoperable infrastructure to all gaming, VR, 3D content. It does not affect or interfere with the game/content’s underlying economy or ecosystem. It sits outside of this as an additional well defined utility, sustainability driver and use case for both the content Developers and Players. It does not circumnavigate the game/content’s current operative state. It allows Designers, Developers, Players, and Content Creators to gain access to and leverage off of the value contained within Web3, Crypto, NFTs, without requiring them to actually build on blockchain themselves.
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