Indie Modder's Guild
The titans of AAA gaming & dystopian tech collude in their march to conquer every last bit of our digitally dependent lives.
We live in the lingering hangover of old worlds grown stale. In the shadows cast by a priesthood with a heresy inquisitor enforcement division, with crunch time indentured servitude delivering a worse game experience every time.
“Sign over your life right here, buddy, and all you’ll get is some shiny trailers, buggy game play, and pay to win lootcrates you can barely afford.”
The move to a better timeline can be accelerated, but time is running out.
That’s why the Indie Modder’s Guild (IMG) is here to champion and defend the open web3 metaverse. Open source gaming equiped with a decentralized value layer changes the all too dehumanizing routines we’ve all assumed were the best deal we’d get, into a massive multiplayer open world loot drop quest. Join us for the epic boss raids as we rebalance the game!
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